KM Horsemanship offers mobile, on location training, coaching and consult services throughout Greater Victoria and the Cowichan Valley. Services are provided by Kristina Millar of Ocean Breeze Stables Inc. out of Metchosin, British Columbia.

Kristina has over 25 years of equine experience in training, coaching, teaching, breeding and riding. She has successfully started countless horses under saddle, introduced many more to driving training, trick training, jumping and ponying and has solved an endless number of behavioral issues for her client's throughout her career. She can assist you in all aspects of training including:

Colt Starting
Trick Training
Driving Training
Behavioural Issues
Trailering Issues
Trail Riding Breeding

Kristina also has vast experience in buying, selling, breeding and working with horses of every shape and size. She is well versed in breeds, health issues, training and attitude problems. She offers horse purchase and sale consultation services and will work hard for you to find the horse or new home that suits your personality and needs.



  • Visual inspection for obvious signs of health (both physical and mental) problems.
  • Assessment of the horse to determine its level of training and suitability for new owner.
  • Assess whether all sale points put forth by previous owners are true and correct.
  • Access to Kristinas knowledge, experience and equestrian networks.
  • Assess property for horse suitability and assist with creating a plan for setting up fencing, electric fencing, shelter and feed structures.


  • Evaluate a sale horse to provide and estimate on worth and key sale attributes.
  • Show sale horse to potential buyers in order to emphasise key attributes.
  • Meet with potential buyers to assess suitability.
  • Access to Kristinas knowledge, experience and equestrian networks.