Kristina Millar has been training and teaching for over 15 years and is one of only a few C.H.A. Certified Clinic Instructors in Canada. She became a Master Instructor in 2011 after aquiring her Level 4 English and Level 4 Western Instructor Certification. She also received her Level 1 Driving Certification in 2005, while attending a C.H.A. Clinic at Kentucky Horse Park. She has run several C.H.A instructor certification clinics in Western Canada and has offered several training clinics with a focus on the Natural Horsemanship theory.

Kristina has received the majority of her training knowledge under Marion Weisskopff, a world renowned trainer and instructor. Kristina has worked with Marion for over 15 years and has learned her training approach based on the Natural Horsemanship theory. Kristina fell in love with the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship immediately as it provided a softer, more natural way to connect and communicate with the horse.

Kristina currently trains horses for clients on Southern Vancouver Island, and has had the pleasure of taking in horses for training from across British Columbia. She offers a wide range of services including colt starting, driving training, western, trail, dressage, jumping, confidence building, problem solving, trick training.

Kristina enjoys sharing her knowledge of horses and riding through lessons, but her true passion is for the training aspect. She loves the challenges and rewards that go along with training horses, and looks forward to every training session. She has assisted many clients reach their goals in training and in understanding their horses. She has extensive knowledge and experience, a gentle touch, firm expectations when needed, and possesses the extreme patience necessary when dealing with horses.

Each horse and situation requires a unique approach and as such, Kristina offers mobile services if training would be more beneficial at your location.

Please feel free to inquire with any questions you may have or visit Ocean Breeze Stables Inc. for further details on the services Kristina can offer.

Kristina Millar
Owner / Operator Ocean Breeze Stables Inc.
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